There are so many sweet memories – the single bullet theory, Anita Hill and many others. I hope my readers will post them.

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But my favorite – as promised – is his little stunt in 2001: trying a second impeachment of Clinton

Specter: Clinton Could be Impeached Again for Pardongate Crimes

Senator Arlen Specter suggested Sunday morning that if Congress
learns that ex-President Clinton is guilty of criminal conduct in
Pardongate, he could be impeached all over again.

 The leading Senate Judiciary Committee Republican said that if
Clinton is convicted in a Pardongate Senate trial, he could lose
his presidential pension, his Secret Service protection and even
his presidential library trust fund.

 He also hinted that the House of Representatives would soon
consider such a move.

.Oh, the humanity! Specter is outta here and Clinton still has secret Service protection…

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What’s your favorite Specter memory?

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This is obviously a schadenfreude post

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Oh, and if you’re curious, B0bots are happy – and it’s all due to Obama’s brilliance (that chess thinghie)
.Β In a way, Obama played this really well… they sucked Specter in, got him to caucas Dem, then…..

watched as he went down to someone else with little effort done on their part.

Specter was already unelectable as a Republican anyways. They sort of backed him. But not really.

.some are confused
It doesn’t explain why Obama was robocalling for Specter last week.

Obama wanted Specter to win.
but operatives are undeterred
It Was Part of the Deal

For his defection. Specter is a worm. How funny that he switched parties to avoid losing in the primary. :rofl:
reality be damned
Kind of funny spin.

How many times had Obama lost face now, throwing his support behind these shitty “moderate” corporatist candidates?
and, since I am not watching MSNBC, a bonus piece of news
and Chris Mathews and Howard Fineman are devastated…

…that Sestak and Critz, who won Murtha’s old seat, won tonight!
although I am confuzzled: aren’t B0bots supposed to love MSNBC?..