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Jake Tapper writes about this ironic development

President Obama’s Campaign Arm Tries to Get Grass-Roots Democrats to Defeat Fellow Progressive

,and Boston Boomer discusses it at the Confluence

Obama Pulls Out All the Stops in Effort to Defeat Progressive Senate Candidate Joe Sestak

.To me, the more interesting part of the story is not Obama’s side – he is a politician, as rev Wright said, he’d do or say anything. It’s the B0bots having to come full circle story that fascinates me.

Primary endorsements by a party are never proper in my book. They are a signal that the party is limiting the voters’ choices by playing favorites. Yet we saw it in Ct with Lieberman in 2006, we saw it in the presidential race and here it is again.

The lesson I learned is that when these occur, always look for the dirty deal behind closed doors with the favored candidates.

When the party and all its organizations, prominent members jumped on Obama’s train, they just followed the smell of the Wall Street money

“We may lose in November, but the money is so good”

delegates told Hillary when she wanted to continue to convention.

But the B0bots – or at least some of them, thought that they were just backing the better candidate.

After all, the CDS syndrome has been drilled in their heads incessantly by the media, and coming from that place it was easy to buy the canard that “Obama was the more progressive candidate” – especially for those who were not too clear on what “progressive” really meant.

But he wasn’t in the senate at the time of the IWR vote so this was an easy enough flag for most to wave.

Now, the OFA, which was mostly idle since 2008 is reaching to them asking to support, as Tapper puts it

But all that politics making strange bedfellows means that the president’s campaign arm is asking grass-roots progressives to vote for someone who until last year was a Republican to defeat Sestak, who is indubitably a more legitimate progressive.

An election which led to such hilarious moments as this one

The first time Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.) slipped up here Tuesday night at the Allegheny County Democratic Committee’s Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, most in the audience pretended not to notice.

But at the end of his remarks when Specter again thanked the “the Allegheny County Republicans” for their endorsement, many couldn’t help but laugh nervously and shoot did-he-really-just-say-that looks at each other.

Of course it can get confusing for Specter – just like it can say, for Obama, Lieberman and the other “post-partisan” politicians out there to figure out their allegiances. Especially now, with Wall Street being so fickle.

But how will B0bots rationalize it?

I only found an AmericaBlog entry on this – complete with the OFA mail and some bitching

For years, Specter was a Republican. Sestak is a real Democrat. Doesn’t OFA have better things to do?

The reasons for it are fascinating. They don’t resent it because it goes against theis principles (wasn’t Avrosis a Republican too?). It’s rather because they see it as a bad political bet

I wonder how all of these loyal Democrats are going to feel when Specter isn’t worried about Democratic primary voters anymore. Arlen Specter worries about one person: Arlen Specter. He’s as craven as politicians get. So, win or lose next week, Specter will dump Obama and the Democrats if that’s in his best interest. .

So, it’s OK to campaign against a progressive Democrat as long as that truly serves Obama’s interest. A B0bot shall always remain a B0bot.

I had trouble finding much on it in B0botland, but finally a thread showed in the local PA forum

There’s some grumbling there as well, outright rebellion

1. Western PA Obama campaigners supporting Sestak

I met a good group of people in Allegheny County (Pittsburgh) while volunteer phonebanking for Obama in both various state primaries and the national election. We have kept in touch on political issues via emails. Every single one of them is supporting Sestak.

I found this encouraging , until reading the resons

I had always been concerned that any person who would be 80 when elected to a six year term would not live to fill that term – or would go the Alzheimers route like Regan. And that would be an otherwise healthy 80 year old, not one who had suffered two bouts of brain cancer, as has Specter.
Then his replacement would depend on an appointment by the PA Governor – who may or may not be a Democrat at that time.

This morning it just hit me – OMG – what if Specter strokes out or dies between the primary and the general election?

and on and on it goes about old Specter needing his afternoon nap. The rest of the discussion centers on the ageism in this entry.

Not one poster considers the ideology/ principles of either candidate.

Which is why, B0bots can be asked to do anything. As long as it does not imply respecting  women of course. Or thinking. If Obama says so, they’ll turn “R” all the way.

ObamasLying.jpg picture by Robbedvoter

The big news of the day is that the rate of the spill is somewhat slowed as BP manages to use some of it now. It’s like dipping a straw in an ocean to drink some of the water.


.The others are sounding chipper

Or at least cautiously optimistic

Sometimes factual factual

.Pbama Times, next to unrealistic headline on spill sports a spectacular photo of the unrest in Thailand (shared with several other papers)

.such as Wall Street Journal

.In election news, Specter is shown as more “D” party man than Sestak – can’t hurt him in this race where most voters are fed up with both parties

A cocktail of news from the Moonie Times

.Stars and Stripes informs us on a very surprising cut in the military: army chaplains

And in NYC local news: the war on bicyclists


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