I’ll give cover of the Day to NY Post. Not so much for Polanski’s new accuser coming forward (what took her so long?) but for the Greed is good headline. The original movie was iconic for the abuses of the 80’s and it’s only fitting it would return today

.WaPo gets the runner up for this test they devised – I like it even though the fallout they refer to is political . I’ll say, let’s hold him to it.  So far we are at the “rebuking CEOs” kabuki – I remember insurance CEOs getting that just prior getting a captive market from Obama

.And from the local press a spill Duh headline

.and another Obama wag of the finger headline – I wonder if ending the cozy relationship is starting after the 27 exemptions post-accident go in effect

Obama Times has some flying bullets news from Iraq

and Stars and Stripes some protests against our occupation in Afghanistan – both wars are peachy then

.Boston Herald has a headline on the Times Square accomplice, and the evil “feds” make an appearance replacing Obama re: funding cuts