Finally, some of the famous names – many of which are responsible for bringing Jr.jr about have had enough and decided…to take an ad in the NY Review of Books

They woke up from koolaid and want your money to advertise the event

US actors and liberal intellectuals joined a list to be published Friday of nearly 2,000 people accusing President Barack Obama of allowing human rights violations and war crimes.”Crimes are crimes, no matter who does them,” the statement reads over pictures of Obama and his predecessor George W. Bush due to appear in the New York Review of Books.

While the message is good and I am glad it’s getting exposure, I cannot help but laugh at those who bought the empty slogans while accusing anyone else who didn’t of racism.

The statement is here, complete with the celebrities list. And refering to the order to kll a US citizen:

“In some respects this is worse than Bush,” the statement says. “First, because Obama has claimed the right to assassinate American citizens whom he suspects of ‘terrorism,’ merely on the grounds of his own suspicion or that of the CIA, something Bush never claimed publicly.”

Of course in B0botland apologists are incensed

. Why didn’t this group take out an ad demanding prosecution of the Bush administration?

Because they’re full of shit. They’re not interested in Bush being prosecuted. They’re interested in creating a spectacle around the Obama Presidency.

If they were interested in prosecuting Bush war crimes, they would have been pounding this home for the last year.

and are being set straight

And the purpose of “creating a spectacle” would be…what?

To get their names in the newspaper? :silly:

Well, to be honest, sorta. “We woke up and we want to world to know it” Well, bully for you!

.But the operatives  never give up

14. worse than bu$h*? these fuckers are taking LSD

.The final ad will look like this

I am not asking anyone to donate – we told them all that for free back when an alternative was available.

What took you so long, geniuses?