The old rule in play: whenever Obama media dislikes something, it switches to “Feds” (the rule worked in reverse for Clinton). The Daily News uses “Bam” when they think it’s good news. Not today:

.See Newsday doing the same:
What will Bloomberg use now to buy new cameras for Times Square?

.WaPo sports a bizarre Rand Paul photo, plus oil rig faults news and Obama-Karzai accords. The subtitle is a peach: “At White House, two leaders look ahead to critical period of war”

Well, as long as they look ahead…

.USA Today reveals another milestone for that war – it’s more expensive than Iraq’s – and I don’t think it’s because the other one got cheaper. yeay! Let’s cut social security then!

.Murdoch Street Journal informes us of the widening probe now reaching other bailout recipients, and their poll indicating that voters switch to GOP

.For oil rig news, besides WaPo, local papers in LA on the causes of the accident

In other news, The Examiner reports on an increase in dating violence on campus

.and AMNY takes on Facebook and privacy