USA Today gets the cover of the day for that bellow the fold item implying that voters are too small minded forΒ  the greatness that is Obama – the multi-dimensional chess is back!

The main item on the tabloids covers is UK’s new PM – the Lib Dems accomplishment in replacing a Labor PM with a Conservative one – yeay, team!

.The oil spill is more present in the news, even if WaPo choses a sunny beach photo from Alabama that gives the impression that hay bales make everything OK

.Even the local coverage is Pollyanish: Miami Herald has an ominous headline next to a cheerleaders shot

.In LA, they concentrate on the BP partners grilling in the senate

.Wall Street covers this too, and a Morgan Stanley inquiry for Goldman-sachs like speculation

In Pennsylvania, Specter’s woes finally make the cover – along with a deceitful headline on Obama and drilling oversight – yeah only 27 exemptions since the accident

.Back in NY, the Post takes on Paterson’s cuts

.AM NY on Transit Authority cuts

.Metro on the new Luna Park in Coney Island

.and for the usual cocktail

.Moonie Times

.and Obama Times