Everything seems to be coming up roses today! The Daily News is positively gushing over Kagan/Obama

.the DC Examiner is partying over the stock exchange

.Even the oil spill – which disappeared completely from national coverage – is about to wear a top hat

There’s one paper which breaks the mood – New York Newsday ramps up the paranoia

Besides that, all page ones look similar with the same photo of Obama/Kagan on them – one single voice – just like Obama likes it

Rahm Post

.looks just like Moonie Times

.Moonie Times looks just like Obama Times

.But wait! There’s Murdoch Street Journal which breaks the mold: it actually mentions the spill INSTEAD of Kagan! Go figure!

Oh, and NY Post? It’s stuck on yesterday – we finally get in Newseum the Bam vs IPod cover.

Should it be notable, I shall photograph it outside..