The cover of the day goes to Miami herald for the most brazen corruption story from “I won’t stop fighting the spill” Obama

I will give Arkansas Democrat Gazette runner upcover of the day – just for simply and clearly stating all the relevantΒ  topics of the day

another runner up for NY PostΒ  for keeping the oil leak front and center

.Less relevant, WaPo adds the “peace breaking in the Senate” over banks bill – I think Wall Street showed them all who is the boss yesterday

.The Floods in Tennessee – the forgotten disaster – is still only covered locally

.Stars and Stripes reminds us of the nonsense of the was again

.while NY Times is a jumble with a pretty picture again

.Trying to figure who started the market fallΒ  (cough, cough, Chicago!) is on The Wall Street page

.while Boston Herald looks at Census Waste