Move over oil spill! Now that the car bomber from Times Square has a face, all tabloids look the same.

I am giving the paranoiac cover of the day to the Daily News today

.AM-NY cover seems to answer that question

.the identical image on Metro tells us more

.Newsday tries to be different making a puzzle from the image

.While NY Post has a different photo – and apparently all the answers – now I get Obama’s Jonas Brothers joke: it almost was on NYC!

even Wall Street puts Europe’s trouble under the fold, way underΒ  the bomber

.WaPo barely has a column for the spil to the right of today’s star: it;s bad

.and the same goes for Obama Times

Washington Times manages to squeeze a few more news on the page – on the bottom -“Obama Attacked on Oil Drilling”

.And Stars and Stripes shows the delight of the citizens of Okinawa at having Americans remaining on the military base there.