Today’s tabloids read almost like yesterday, now with more paranoia. The cover of the day follows the same theme – only a notch up. It’s AM-NY again anf the NEVER SAFE ENOUGH headline is nested between 2 cops and a police tape

.The catching of a suspect is on all NYC papers.

NY Metro confirms my fears from yesterday after the Simpsons episode: To Surveil with Love

To Surveil With Love Promotional Image.jpg

: Bloomberg wants now more cameras!

.The NY POst didn’t make it in the Newseum. It had an almost identical hedline as the Daily News

The Daily News is just stating the obvious

.and Newsday looks like a mystery novel

.On the spill front, hopeless headlines.

WaPo says “yesterday tools”

.while Obama Times talks about “testing ideas”

and in Tennessee there are Floods

.Wall Street Journal has a very unfortunate choice of words headline

and Washington Times attempts to re-write history on the Kent State massacre