I think I’ll give cover of the day to AM-NY for capturing the paranoia that’s unleashed by the car bomb

.The funniest headline goes to Obama Times: 11 days after the fact, after “this is not the first and won’st be the last” “OBAMA WARNS”. No s* Sherlock! We were thinking it when you were still joking of sending predator drones after the Jonas Brothers

.also, just as The Simpsons had last night a great episode about the videotape paranoia, this incident may feed right into it.

Back at the spill, as Obama finally made it down there WaPo offers us a very sanitary image – so slick in sight. Oh, wait…

.Washington Times (which is for sale) defends Arizona Immigration law pointing fingers at…Mexico

.Stars and Stripes reminds us war is pointless – no stable government can result in Afghanistan

.Meanwhile, in New York, the word “hunt” is present in ALL headlines

Here’s The Daily News with the video still

.and the Metro – featuring a cop for some reason

.and Newsday

.nut, wait, NY Post breaks the mold again! Featuring the same still as Newsday, their headline could be the start of a new TV Show

and that’s the news in tabloids today