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I think I’ll give cover of the day to AM-NY for capturing the paranoia that’s unleashed by the car bomb

.The funniest headline goes to Obama Times: 11 days after the fact, after “this is not the first and won’st be the last” “OBAMA WARNS”. No s* Sherlock! We were thinking it when you were still joking of sending predator drones after the Jonas Brothers

.also, just as The Simpsons had last night a great episode about the videotape paranoia, this incident may feed right into it.

Back at the spill, as Obama finally made it down there WaPo offers us a very sanitary image – so slick in sight. Oh, wait…

.Washington Times (which is for sale) defends Arizona Immigration law pointing fingers at…Mexico

.Stars and Stripes reminds us war is pointless – no stable government can result in Afghanistan

.Meanwhile, in New York, the word “hunt” is present in ALL headlines

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Roman Polanski is miffed and boy, do we all get a talking to!. He writes – many times and in each paragraph

I can remain silent no longer!

There’s scolding to be done!

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The narcissistic rapist is outraged that his cushy escape life has been rudely interrupted

had landed with a view to receiving a lifetime award for my work from the representative of the Swiss Minister of Culture,

and for what? For raping a 13 years old?

Polanski is very annoyed with us – and especially with the judge who refused to abide to the wrist slapping code

33 years ago I pleaded guilty, and I served time at the prison for common law crimes at Chino, not in a VIP prison.Β  That period was to have covered the totality of my sentence.Β  By the time I left prison, the judge had changed his mind and claimed that the time served at Chino did not fulfil (sic) the entire sentence, and it is this reversal that justified my leaving the United States.

“Common law crimes”? Sounds like “crimes for commoners. What were they, Roman? Bueler? Anyone?

Of course he, Polanski had to flee the jurisdiction – he was a celebrity damn it! And he already did hard time in the joint for what? An entire Forty two days and NOT even in a VIP prison? Oh, the humanity!

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Polanski is outraged that the documentary designed to rehabilitate him (not unlike the interview after the crime bragging he foiled justice) blew in his face

The resulting documentary not only highlighted the fact that I left the United States because I had been treated unjustly; it also drew the ire of the Los Angeles authorities, who felt that they had been attacked and decided to request my extradition from Switzerland,

Roman Polanski is outraged that his victim(“I told him I wanted to go home, but he pulled me back in the room”) – to whom he never even paid the damages the settlement he promised to pay – couldn’t make a criminal case go away

I can remain silent no longer because the California court has dismissed the victim’s numerous requests that proceedings against me be dropped, once and for all, to spare her from further harassment every time this affair is raised once more.

I say, give that celebrity a pat on the back.

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Shawshank Redemption this ain’t..


Jeralyn wants to free him still.

He acknowledged the facts establishing unlawful sexual intercourse with a person who was not his wife. He acknowledged Β knowing her age. That’s it.


New generations of girls await.

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