Don’t hold your breath for the oil leak control – that will take weeks. Right now all the media is busy insulating Obama from consequences. It leads to similar headlines from most – hence no cover of the day.

Obama Times is the most obvious pitting the “Government” (which just authorized more drills) against BP. I thought I’d mention the embarrassing for “the conscience of a liberal”

The Oil Spill Is Obama’s Fault

inside – a snarky “leave Obama alone” piece

.WaPo also points at BP – and I am not trying to say at all they aren’t directly responsible here – just that a big slick blackens more

.and shockingly, even Wall Street Journal joins in

.Even Stars and Stripes which is usually straightforward, has a deceitful headline. Obama didn’t order any halt on future projects – none were under way. He just said “be more careful next time” implying he’d continue with the drilling

.On a totally different front – the Chicago politics corruption, the CYA is accomplished according to Chicago Tribune: Obama won’t testify at Blago’s trial – it’s not like there was a blue dress or anything. Although if one checks out The Enquirer, if there was one, they’d cover it up too

.In New York, the NY Post finds some room for the oil spill under a Tiger headline

.The Daily News has a tarra story

.while Newsday makes a hero of an oil rig survivor