I will have two covers of the day – one for each of the major topics today.

For putting it into a huge headline, NY Post gets the Goldman Sachs cover

.and for putting the AP headline on page one, Orlando Sentinel gets the oil spill cover

.Washington Times has a hopeful headline on elections: all the cash in the world doesn’t affect polls anymore – maybe Obama accomplished something after all

if you overlook the fact that the amounts are now ten times higher than before his POTUS billion

.Dorothy Height’s funeral gets also coverage in WaPo with a good headline

.The Examiner gives the oil spill a good photo, headline

.and so does USA Today – adding a little photo of M0’s bare arms at the funeral (cocktails afterwards?)

.The Wall Street Journal startles by how it hides the Goldman Sachs news under the oilΒ  spill – literally

Stars and Strpes reminds us we still have two wars going (hear that, deficit hawks?)

.In New York City, the papers offer us a variety of trivia

Newsday about the proposed casino

.AM-NY informs us on the boycotts of Arizona

.The Daily News on the Bronx zoo babies

.and Metro on TV cooking channels

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