A slew of discussions blossomed in B0botland based only on some throw-away commentary on MSNBC. The hopeful

Breaking – Obama is having a rethink

and the more cynical

Obama was against Atlantic coast oil drilling than rethunk it and is now rethinking it again!

Of course, it’s the first one which is funnier, as the operatives already try to use this premature  news to attack the other side

7. Any comment from the queen of drill baby drill

or is she still hiding in Arizona.

Umm, for a comment – there would have to be some actual news.

The funnier still is the apologists effort to whitewash Obama retroactively

16. Obama didn’t believe in drilling in the first place

And he said so. His view was that allowing drilling is a fair compromise to get the rest of what he wants.

to which assorted good answers are given,

31. So he doesn’t stand up for what he believes in? That’s just great.

this being the best

55. What does ‘believing in’ something have to do wtih anything?

It’s like politics has become a religion.

It’s the results of policies that matter. Maybe he’ll bail out on this drilling proposal because of this disaster, maybe not, time will tell. It’s sort of twisted how the timing worked out on this, isn’t it?

and one very healthy reaction

49. WTF??? Because until this spill, it was not conceivable?

WTF kind of thinking is that?

Raise of hands, who didn’t know that something like this spill was possible?


Indeed. Considering what Gibbs said to reporters on Wednesday

“I doubt this is the first accident that has happened, and I doubt it will be the last,” Gibbs said.

The snarky thread on the spill pretty much takes care of all the compliments of the apologists

Obama was against Atlantic coast oil drilling than rethunk it and is now rethinking it again!
I wonder what President Obama will think in August and later this November about Atlantic coast offshore oil drilling?

Obama was for single payer health care and than rethunk it.

Later Obama was for a public option in health care and than rethunk it.

President Obama rethinks stuff a lot!


and in there someone does notices, at the end of the day that there is not yet any official statement on this

4. It’s be nice if he gave US a clue

Like, say, telling his Press Secretary what his official position is.

I’ll close with a lucid post from the hopeful thread

Like he has a choice right now

The timing couldn’t have been worse from his perspective (or that of the industries whose interests he supports).

I highly doubt there will be any significant change in our overall energy strategy as a result of this. In a year people (who don’t live in affected areas) will forget this, or the oil industry will announce new safety measures, and we’ll be right back here where a Democratic president supports offshore drilling.

It’s not like this disaster wasn’t a possibility as of a few weeks ago when Obama announced his drilling plan – this ‘accident’ was the inevitable result of mediocre regulations and the absence of any political force willing to challenge the status quo. It’s not like the first and only oil spill ever. Is our nation’s collective memory capable of going back further than a month at a time?

I guess the good news here is for the coal industry – we’ll be so worried about the oil spill we’ll forget all about the recent mining accidents.

Does anyone else feel like they are just having the same nightmare over and over again?

You have to wonder: where were the wits of these people two years ago?

Meanwhile, the MSNBC leaked rethink on the leak finally gets official.

The Confluence comments on the deja vu in an entry appropriately titled

White House Shuts Barn Door After Horses Escape

.I find it fascinating that such an important policy decision is made public by political henchman Axelrod, rather than say EPA, or Energy secretary or such. Geez, I wonder why?

And sure enough, nothing is changed

Obama: New oil leases will need safeguards

President Barack Obama on Friday, in a largely symbolic gesture, promised that no new offshore oil drilling leases will be issued unless rigs have new safeguards to prevent a repeat of the explosion that unleashed the massive spill threatening the Gulf Coast. The assurance had no immediate impact because no new leases are scheduled for the coming months.

Or, as they say in B0botland

9. Is this sorta like he was against the drilling before he was for it, and

now he’s leaning toward against again but only if they’re not really careful?