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I am used to reading outrageous things in the media. Lies, exaggerations, Orwellian spin. I don’t shock easily. But ever once in a while there’s something that I read that makes my brain hurt. And my heart too. So I have to write about it.

In an article by The Hill titled

DNC chairman fights race-baiting charges

.I found this sentence

Two years after Barack Obama became the first black president, in an election largely devoid of racial gamesmanship,

the two national party committees are going after each other in strongly racial terms.

It is so enormous, I find it a daunting task to even count the levels on which this is wrong. Is it the cynicism of the words used or the enormity of the lie?

So, I am going to start with the easiest: what happened to the “post-racial” candidate?

What happened to that outrageous promise?

And what does “largely devoid” mean? How largely would that be? Not starting riots?

I couldn’t of course rewind to the “devoid of racial gamesmanship” memories.

Fortunately, at the height of personal hurt and outrage, I made an entry, then a page to this blog that I titled “I am a racist”

It featured some – not all of the “lack of racial gamesmanship” – mostly from the primaries

Wait a minute:

Racial gamesmanship?

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Where are these racial games taking place? In Chicago, instead of the Olympics? A new word in the Obama Lexicon – meaning playing games with race? Using race to win games? Gaming the elections with race? Or the old fashioned “race-baiting”. Is the media narrative now this did not happened in 2008?

Sorry if I seem thick – it’s just a bit too big to swallow.

And what is The Hill trying to argue? That repeating the tactics of 2008 also have nothing to do with “racial gamesmanship?

All of it stems from the 2010 electoral plan Democrats unveiled this week. The plan relies on turning out the roughly 15 million first-time voters who cast ballots for Obama in 2008, with many of those voters happening to be black or Latino. Democrats have said their efforts will focus on those minorities and cautioned that the GOP may seek to suppress their votes.

Well, let’s unpack this one. Did the “R”s steal minorities votes? Cough cough – Florida 2000. Do the “D”s have any moral ground talking about stealing votes? Cough, cough – Florida 2008. Easy story – that also frames my stint as a democrat.

So here are the accusations

“Out of options, the president and his top campaign aide are going back to the Democrats’ worn-out playbook and making false and reprehensible accusations of voter suppression,” Steele said. “At what point will Chairman Kaine and the Democrats realize that polarizing this country on the lines of race is not only passé, it’s wrong and ineffective?”

I would be somewhat sympathetic to the DNC if those warnings about stealing their votes didn’t sound so much  like Obama’s repeated speeches: “they are going to tell you that I don’t look like the men on the dollar bill”

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I have seen plenty of racist “R”s. Still, I know better than to generalize that they all are.

And in the middle of the “holier than though” posturing on the subject, the racist “D”s shone especially bright. I am thinking of the “clean and articulate” VP as well as the “negro dialect” Senate majority leader.

So, the “D”s would be well advised to tone it down with the “they are going to tell ya/do it” calls to arms. because in the end, the number of the people they offend will be larger than the number of people they get in the voting booth.