I will name WaPo the cover of the day as it catches the photo op with the miner’s widow in the right moment: as Obama rushes to disentangle himself from the yucky moment

other papers were more reverential in their choice of photo, but they demonstrate anyway Obama has just as much of a problem as W to pretend that he cares

Here’s USA Today with also great news for women (Thanks, Ben Nelson!)

.and Boston Globe with the next in time dispeptic image – you know he’s thinking “time to break away now” – leading to the WaPo pic

.Stars and Stripes celebrates the closing of a base in Iraq – but bellow there’s news of demonstrations against a US base in japan

.and in Long Island, a fallen local soldier is given page one

.Obama Times has some more news from the afghan front as well the Senate from and a sensibly miners photo op taken from a distance

.Wall Street Journal is predictably running with the financial bill

‘while Washington Times is less optimistic about its passing

.In DC, The Examiner brings up yet another potential disaster Obama’s historical Romneycare is cooking for us all

In NY, the theme seems to beΒ  transportation:

NY Post reports on a cabbie trick

.The Daily News on a subway gate breach

.and AM NY says there’s an app for that