A very busy day for hypocrisy: From the administration with the thickest skin in history, where any criticism is deemed racism, here comes some LOLs on those money grabbing Jews (h/t The Confluence):

At a public event, the 25-year anniversary gala of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Obama’s National adviser James L Jones opened his public speech with the following joke

A Taliban militant gets lost and is wandering around the desert looking for water. He finally arrives at a store run by a Jew and asks for water. The Jewish vendor tells him he doesn’t have any water but can gladly sell him a tie. The Taliban, the jokes goes on, begins to curse and yell at the Jewish storeowner. The Jew, unmoved, offers the rude militant an idea: Beyond the hill, there is a restaurant; they can sell you water. The Taliban keeps cursing and finally leaves toward the hill. An hour later he’s back at the tie store. He walks in and tells the merchant: “Your brother tells me I need a tie to get into the restaurant.”

How hilarious! he nailed the greedy Jews and made us feel sorry for the Taliban in one fell swoop.

While we are assured many Jews in the audience laughed and applauded, there were those who felt uncomfortable

A prominent think-tank source who attended the event said the joke was “wrong in so many levels” and that it “demonstrated a lack of sensitivity.” The source also asked: “Can you imagine him telling a black joke at an event of African Americans?”

So, just like during the good old W days, the records were scrubbed

The White House transcript sent to reporters after the event did not include the joke and conveniently began a couple of minutes into the speech. The video of the event posted on the Washington Institute Web site also did not include this portion of the speech.

But it remains on record thanks to C_Span, Israeli TV.


here’s a comment on that joke that makes sense

Set aside the deplorable joke which was dropped from the transcript (and if it is a metaphor for the Middle East peace process, why disguise the Palestinian as a Taliban but not the Jewish merchant as, for example, an Indian merchant?)

Also, it’s out now it complete with the video and apology

“I wish that I had not made this off the cuff joke at the top of my remarks, and I apologize to anyone who was offended by it. It also distracted from the larger message I carried that day: that the United States commitment to Israel’s security is sacrosanct.”