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There’s not a lot the “R” were smart about in taking advantage of the “D”‘s incompetence (socialism, anyone?). But I think they may have hit the target on this one

GOP plans ‘aggressive’ effort against Dems’ credibility on Wall Street reform

.Mind you, I would very much love for the “D”s to reform Wall Street, and not just cosmetically, for laughs as they are fixing to.

But one has to see the beauty in using Romneycare as the sign of Pinocchio

Senate Republicans are planning an “aggressive” effort to paint Democrats’ claims about their Wall Street reform bill as not credible in light of the healthcare debate.

The GOP plans an effort to highlight claims made by Democrats in Congress and President Barack Obama about their health reform law that would seem to be undercut by reports showing higher premiums and reduced employer coverage that Republicans say are consequences of the legislation.

In the light of the new unpleasant unintended consequences revealed daily, who can blame them?

Republicans point to reports that health services employers will have to cut jobs due to taxes under the new healthcare law, or congressional analysis that suggest middle-class taxpayers might face a higher tax burden.

“In light of that, Senate Republicans plan to mount an aggressive effort to point out the large number of demonstrably false claims that Democrats made about their health bill,” the aide said.

pinnochio.jpg picture by Robbedvoter

And of course, this being done for the purpose of protecting Wall Street from any regulation, guess who will have their “aggressive effort” well funded?

Considering the betrayal, deceit and plain incompetence that went into this, it would be a karmic result. “D” should lose their credibility over what they trumpet as Obama’s historical and unprecedented signature achievement.

Especially when their servile stand to insurers abuse is absurdly ridiculous

But, not to worry.  Ms. Sebellius put the hammer down with her sternly worded letter – going so far as to use the word “urge.”

I think the cover of the day belongs to Stars and Stripes with the most relevant story

about violence in Iraq. The fact that Stars and Stripes also mentions the caving in to terrorism to censor South Park, consolidates this as my favorite newspaper.

.WaPo gives the Immigration bill in Arizona (with Obama’s response) top billing. 67 dead in Iraq only merits a tiny note at the bottom of the page.

LA Times is more mindful of the war with a photo and a headline

.and so is Obama Times

.Wall Street Journal presents the Arizona Law as an Obama headline and has the Greece mess (congratulations, Goldman Sachs!)

.oh, and in Chicago, another “D” candidate for Obama seat is in hot water

To piss off that guy

this blog will participate in the first annual Draw Mohammed Day as founded by Dan Savage and apparently sponsored by CACAH

As explained before, I am not a fan of Parker/ Stone, so this is not so much in solidarity with them personally, as it is with freedom of expression against religion, fanaticism, terrorism. So, I’ll be breaking my crayons, markers and watercolors too on May 20.

My contribution to art will be nothing in value compared to watering down the pool of targets.

So, in that spirit: I call on all bloggers reading this – do your part and join in!

For once the expression “If you don’t do it, the terrorists win” is not a joke.


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