Happy Earth Day! On page ones, only little papers note the event, so I’ll deal with this later.

Today’s cover of the week comes from NY Newsday which once again advances the propaganda point that Obama is at odds with Wall Street and on the side of people. Just look, he is lecturing Wall Street – or rather, the Obama press knows he will. So the Goldman Sachs POTUS will give Wall Street a good talking to.

in the Earth Day category, the prize has to go to the Examiner for a headline just as absurd as the previous one

.WaPo keeps a close eye on the Financial Bill kabuki – it appears to have cleared commission

Stars and Stripes has bad news from both of our wars no one else is talking about

.The Washington Times is shaking the “A” stick at us, in a headline reminiscent of WaPo a few days ago

.NYT has an article on Diane Wood

Wall Street Journal is remarkable again by what it doesn’t cover

but cheerleader Daily News makes believe that Obama visiting his backers would amunt to his being

While the NY Post is echoing Bloomberg in pleading for poor, poor Wall Street

.Back to Earthday – some nice covres in NY papers



and a strange one from the DC Express