.The cover of the day belongs to NY Post today for representing all major news stories in one sentence

.The second most significant page one is USA Today, featuring an interesting poll

The nation’s fastest-growing political party is “none of the above,” which could be bad news for Democrats and Republicans.

DC Express reminds us there’s another volcano waiting to wreck havoc

and gun rights pop on page one of the Examiner

.Stars and Stripes reminds us of the long term effects on war

.Back to Goldman Sachs, Wall Street Journal tries to take comfort in the SEC split decision on party lines

.while WaPo makes the Financial Bill look like a rerun of the HCR disastert

and the New York Times confirms it

.In NYC the major story is Bloomberg being dissed by Obama (in his new populist stance – see NY Post cover)

.and a bit of fluff about the men’s playground – I wonder where does this leave women


and Metro

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