The headline of the day belongs to DC’s Express: TRUST DEFICIT – and finally I feel recognized “NOT JUST THE TEA PARTIERS” – seems I am now part of the 80%. It seems to be based on this poll

The survey found that just 22 percent of those questioned say they can trust Washington almost always or most of the time and just 19 percent say they are basically content with it.

Which is funny, as the tea party was estimated at 18%. Some day, attention will be paid to the remaining 62%

.DC Examiner writes of the effects of local budget cuts

while Stars and Stripes describes army clusterfucks leading to more death

.Some war news made in WaPo as well

.Washington Times reports how both parties are afraid to tackle big banks

.From LA Times we find out that the new, liberated, freedom and liberty Iraq was no better than Saddam’s

.SF Chronicle explains how one can lose one’s home and still own money to the bank

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Obama Times informs us it was the leaders of Goldman Sachs who were involved in the mortgages fraud

.But it’s the Wall Street Journal with the best news: new investigations against Goldman are on their way

.In NYC, the big story is the volcanic ash, that most often, in an effort to get cute is used in headlines as “ass”

Here’s AM-NY

.and obviously, NY Post

.Among the non-ass headlines:

The Daily News

and Metro