We knew for a long time that the first B0bots were the deaniacs

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the Obama campaigns for 2004 and 2008 gained significant momentum following the embarrassment and humiliating loss by a single candidate early in the 2003-2004 primary season—Howard Dean.

Anyone who has studied the habits of the B0bots lately, will see that they revert to their original state once the level of disappointment with Obama reaches critical level. They then threaten to tell on him to “Dr Dean”

So, imagine the disappointment when some of them finally discovered (what to others was obvious since 2004) that “Dr Dean” was no more above selling out than the new Messiah. What’s next for them? Finding there’s no Santa Claus?

The following is the account of a teacher, who, frustrated by Obama’s policies , went to tell Dr Dean

I just had lunch with Howard Dean. I’ll post pix and more remarks later. But I did get to ask him a question. I asked what I should tell my fellow teachers who have grown angry with Obama.

So, from the remark about “posting pictures” you’d think all is well. And maybe it is for this particular deaniac, but certainly NOT for public education. The headline of this story is

Howard Dean thinks we need to give Obama more time

I believe that was the last word from Dean on kill the bill Romneycare too.

More from the exchange

He said we need to give Obama more time. He also said AFT has a very successful charter school in NYC and we need to be looking at that model instead of slamming all charters, especially the ones that don’t work.

in the private part of the discussion

Afterwards, I had my picture taken with him and said I disagreed with him. I told him the Obama stickers are off the teachers’ cars and he seemed surprised. He said he really likes Randi Weingarten (AFT prez) and he thinks AFT is a lot more child centered than most people see. And he praised the new NEA prez also. He said our teachers unions need to keep our message focused on the kids and what’s best for them instead of what’s best for teachers and other school district employees. (And I have to agree with that.)

Wow! That was easy! Deaniac/Bobot bought it! Others in the thread are more skeptical. Most give Dean the benefit of “not aware” card – although if so, what was he doing talking to a group of teachers?

There’s actually one cheer

7. I agree, good for Howard..

It takes time to turn a battleship

One of them noticed the absurd reaction at the teachers’ anger

3. He was surprised that Obama stickers are off teachers’ cars?

I figured that Obama & Co. are tone deaf, but I thought Dr. Dean would be more tuned in.

Of course he would be. he’s Dr Dean, damn it! He noticed women were angry as soon as the primaries were over!

Some, of course are trying to make peace with the shit sandwich

17. didya ever stop to think that just MAYBE
these guys know something you guys don’t?

jes asking. . . :shrug:

But I have to give her credit – it’s Dean’s Nr 1 fan who answers

madfloridian Donating Member (1000+ posts)

18. They know how to turn education into profit.

and brings in the documentation of Dean’s sell-out.

While Dean would have enjoyed working on Obama’s “Promise Neighborhood” program, the former Vermont governor is hoping that the project he is spearheading in New York can become a useful model.

“This doesn’t get you to the 20 cities,” said Dean. “But what you need is a very successful demonstration project.”

“I’ve already spoken with (Education Secretary) Arne Duncan,” said Dean. “He thinks this is all a great idea.”

In other words, Howard found a new  way of selling out that he hopes, will finally endear him again to the gang he stole an election for.

Adds Former Dean’s #1 fan:

So you can mark him off the list of Democrats who would stand up for public school teachers.

Oh, I forgot, there is no list.

Another one observes

12. is Dean the new face of the New Dem approach to corporate educating?

Indeed he is, and he’s not the only one. This ties directly in my entry from yesterday.

Discarded former Obama enabler joins former secret endorser Al Sharpton and Congress gridlock whiner extraordinaire New Gingrich in their quest to privatize public education

I can only replicate the B0bots conclusion

We’re screwn.