The Iceland volcano is the star of most covers, with DC’s Express marvel of placement: The huge “GROUNDED” headline, has Obama looking in the distance towards planet Mars – maybe because the budget cuts and job losses to NASA

.WaPo wins for the best volcano photo and has good (if minuscule) news for gay couple – if sick, you count for something

.Washington Times sticks with the Tea Party on the cover and also tells us Obama flaunts his Prayer Day proclamation over the courts objection. It’s good to be king!

The ruling will not stop President Obama from recognizing, as he did last year, a national day of prayer, said White House spokesman Ben LaBolt. Judge Crabb delayed the imposition of her ruling pending an appeal.

“We have reviewed the court’s decision, and it does not prevent the president from issuing a proclamation,”

Stars and Stripes reminds us the price of wars with a poignant Arlington story

while USA Today reminds us of the doubling of civilian deaths in Afghanistan

.In NY, upstate they are still giving the Tea Party a cover

.while in the city, NY Post stamps his brand by giving the volcano a cute name

while AM NY entertains us with antiquated MTA rules

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ah, and Obama Times once again mirrors WaPo  – Rahm and Axelrod must be in accord these days