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The Nuclear summit is center of today’s covers

Here’s WaPo gushing even as inside, Dana Milbamk throws a hissy fit over the media exclusion (sorry Dana, I can’t sympatise – maybe you were meant for beer summits after all)

Arabic-language MBC TV’s Nadia Bilbassy had this to say of Obama’s meeting with the Jordanian king: “We were there for around 30 seconds, not enough even to notice the color of tie of both presidents. I think blue for the king.”

.The Washington Times has a few items – most relevant being the options of the social security privatization err debt commission

The answer is given in the penultimate paragraph

Maya MacGuineas, president of CRFB, said it will be clear when they crunch the numbers that “the bulk of the problem is spending.””It’s a worthwhile strategy to say, ‘Let’s find as many spending cuts as we as a country are willing to stomach, and then go ahead and find new taxes,'” she said.

.The Boston Globe has the GOP criticism of the banking law as a bailout – and this one seems credible to me

.while Boston Herald gives its cover to Palin, tea party – I wish they’d use their own slogans/headlines

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