The most telling headline of the day is in the Wall Street Journal. The subtitle : STOCKS RISE ON OUTLOOK FOR ECONOMY, CORPORATE EARNINGS; INDIVIDUALS STILL ON THE SIDELINES.

Seems like the “market” economy doesn’t really need a market – corporate earnings will suffice.

.In an ironic counterpoint to this, NY Post is praising “Mayor Mike” taking his pro-Wall Street message to Congress “Leave Wall Street alone”

Washington Times is also talking about the Dow “lifting hopes” – although we now know – these are just corporate hopes

.while USA Today dedicates most of its first page to the deficit hawks: hang on to yur social security checks, here come the privatisers

And Wapo puts another spin on it – with the “optimism on deficit”, along with some “bows and paws” images

In Afghanistan, a shooting of civilians sparked a protest with chants of “Death to America”

.DC Express wants to remind usΒ  Obama said “terra! nukes!”

.and in NY we deal with missed 9.11 calls

.and Conan O’Brian’s career