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It’s another one of those “paging Dr Freud” instances like the times W wished out loud to be a dictator.

To add a bit of fun to this, it was during the meeting with the leader of Borat’s country, Kazakhstan

President Obama said Sunday that the United States is still “working on” democracy and a top aide said he has taken “historic steps” to improve democracy in the United States during his time in office.

The remarks came as Obama met with Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev — one of the U.S. president’s many meetings with world leaders ahead of this week’s nuclear summit.

Aparently there was another level of irony I wasn’t aware of

Some observers see a conflict between Kazakhstan’s chairmanship of the 56-nation OSCE, which plays an important role in monitoring elections in emerging democracies, and its own widely criticized human rights record.

But if the Obama administration saw any disconnect, it kept its criticism to itself.

The apex of irony however was reached when his spokesman was asked to comment on this

“Both presidents agreed that you don’t ever reach democracy; you always have to work at it. And in particular, President Obama reminded his Kazakh counterpart that we, too, are working to improve our democracy.”

Asked by a Wall Street Journal reporter if Obama sees any moral equivalency between the two, the PR man chirped

“Absolutely not … There was no equivalence meant whatsoever,” McFaul said. “[Obama’s]Β Β  taken, I think, rather historic steps to improve our own democracy since coming to office here in the United States.”

Wow! Where do I even start to unpack this “historic” claim?

First, I’d say, the flunkie was being modest. I say, Obama’s work on our democracy started way before he came to office. How can we not credit him with Michigan, Florida, RBC, the phony roll call, the concept of “clinching the nomination”, having Kerry ask the media not to cover Florida because “they don’t count” and other historical deeds.

I’ll leave it to my readers to find historical improvements since that time. Besides theΒ  “historical” renewal of the PATRIOT Act that is.

I can only think of one, in today’s headlines

Foes of tea party movement to infiltrate rallies

Opponents of the fiscally conservative tea party movement say they plan to infiltrate and dismantle the political group by trying to make its members appear to be racist, homophobic and moronic.Jason Levin, creator of, said Monday the group has 65 leaders in major cities across the country who are trying to recruit members to infiltrate tea party events

It’s historical, yet not unprecedented, see Nixon’s COINTELPRO . But we also remember, B0bots aren’t very good at this

But I do want to credit the flunkie for clever use of the words “coming in to office” instead of “being elected”. I think I’ll just update the Obama Lexicon

boratdance.gif Borat picture by Robbedvoter

The most telling headline of the day is in the Wall Street Journal. The subtitle : STOCKS RISE ON OUTLOOK FOR ECONOMY, CORPORATE EARNINGS; INDIVIDUALS STILL ON THE SIDELINES.

Seems like the “market” economy doesn’t really need a market – corporate earnings will suffice.

.In an ironic counterpoint to this, NY Post is praising “Mayor Mike” taking his pro-Wall Street message to Congress “Leave Wall Street alone”

Washington Times is also talking about the Dow “lifting hopes” – although we now know – these are just corporate hopes

.while USA Today dedicates most of its first page to the deficit hawks: hang on to yur social security checks, here come the privatisers

And Wapo puts another spin on it – with the “optimism on deficit”, along with some “bows and paws” images

In Afghanistan, a shooting of civilians sparked a protest with chants of “Death to America”

.DC Express wants to remind usΒ  Obama said “terra! nukes!”

.and in NY we deal with missed 9.11 calls

.and Conan O’Brian’s career

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