Stars and stripes has an incendiary page one – reflecting the state of our wars.

It seems that Obama – our anti-war/Nobel peace prize laureate is hung andย  burned in effigy in Bagdad along with Biden and Gates.

There’s a breaking news story inside as well

Polish leader, 95 others dead in Russia jet crash

WaPo splits its page between Stevens’ retirement and Stupak’s

.Elsewhere, in Indiana – Stevens’ retirement is portrayed as less serene an event

.Obama Times has the Stevens piece and a new Karzai conflict story (all our wars are doing just fine – they love us over there). There’s also new incriminating evidence on the pope covering up for child molesting priests

In Florida they expect a “sick out” from the teachers in response to the merit-pay legislation Obama inspired

while in Massachusetts Deval Patrick is aparently planning to run as someone else

In New York the only non-tiger news is about the beached whale dying and state parks possible closing this summer