This one comes from the right so the comments bear the mark – but it has videos and transcripts.

The short of it, Gingrich in his loony speech said among other things

Speaking of the President’s basketball skills, Gingrich added, “But it doesn’t put anybody to work. And what we need is a president, not an athlete. We need somebody who actually focuses on getting people back to work.”

O’Donnel thought she found her racist angle

“But I’m not sure what he means by this particular sound bite,” said O’Donnell. “And I think it’s open to some criticism because it suggests that the president is an athlete and some people may suggest, you know, because all black people are good athletes. I mean that’s what it sort of sounds like to me.”

The video is a must for the derision that follows, I especially love the part about the pitch disproving any claims of being an athlete.

Of course, we here, get to laugh on yet another level as my source calls O’Donnel “far left”

Yes, it’s come to this in America. Criticizing a half-black man for doing a lousy job is racist in the eyes of far-left TV babbleheads.

.It’s a nervous laugh to be sure, but we can laugh