Washington Express contains the revision of Virginia’s governor nostalgia for the good ol’ confederate days

Stars and Stripes has a close up of Kyrgystan upraising and Karzai vacillations

Rham Post, Obama Times and Murdoch’s Street all use the same photo from Kyrgystan and differ little otherwise


Obama Times

Murdoch’s Wall Street as states flogging “abortion” for election to Obama Times Cuomo campaign

Washington Times reports on the PR contest of fundraising for the two parties. key paragraph

Both parties apparently were struggling to score public relations points with the fundraising announcements, which were made nearly two weeks earlier than usual, when monthly reports to the Federal Election Commission are due. Neither party Wednesday released more detailed statements on the sources of the money, the number of donors or the size of the average donation.

It seems insurers and Pharma paid as promised

USA Today has more elections reports

.while in New York, the only non-Tiger news is about the lack of summer jobs for the young