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The two identical parties are racing for the big Money SCOTUS now freedΒ  to flow openly into our elections.

In the Healthcare PR month, looks like Dems have it

DNC tops Steele’s record March for donations

Of course, while both parties will brag that this is a reflection on what membership thinks of the Heritage Foundation Romneycare,

“It’s clear supporters of reform were more generous than opponents,” said DNC Communications Director Brad Woodhouse.

the truth is, we don’t know who these supporters are just yet

Neither party Wednesday released more detailed statements on the sources of the money, the number of donors or the size of the average donation.

Well, maybe we do have an idea. Here’s a headline from a few weeks ago

Millions Spent to Sway Democrats on Health Care

An alliance of groups supporting the health care plan, which works closely with the White House and Democratic leaders, had been spending far less and focusing on fewer districts. But after pharmaceutical companies made a $12 million investment for a final advertising push, spending by both sides for the first time is now nearly the same.

You have to wonder how much of that was funneled through the parties.

Or how about this Wall Street article on Blue Dogs.

Friday’s page-one Post story about the Blue Dogs suggests a far simpler explanation: Entrepreneurship. In addition to everything else, the Dogs are champion fund raisers. Individual Dogs do far better than garden-variety Democrats when it comes to bringing in contributions from folks with business before Congress, like the insurance industry and the medical industry. According to CQ, their political action committee is the only Democratic PAC to rival the big Republican dogs; in 2009 fund raising it has been bested only by Mitt Romney’s gang.

or the headline in Washington post

Industry Is Generous To Influential Bloc

the group has set a record pace for fundraising this year through its political action committee, surpassing other congressional leadership PACs in collecting more than $1.1 million through June. More than half the money came from the health-care, insurance and financial services industries, marking a notable surge in donations from those sectors compared with earlier years,

But probably the most relevant headline here is this one from USA Today

Health industry invests in state elections

It appears that if they want to see their sweet mandate money pouring in, insurers need o buy stooges at the state level too

Six of the 15 attorneys general who have challenged the new law count health care interests among the top five industries giving to their most recent campaigns, according to the non-partisan National Institute on Money in State Politics.

and we even have some numbers from last year

In 2009, health care companies made up four of the top 10 givers to the Democratic Governors Association and three in the top 10 to the Republican Governors Association. Health interests donated more than $4.2 million to the DGA and $3.9 million to the RGA, which are working to elect 37 governors this fall, a USA TODAY analysis shows.

And of course, why are the money sent to GOP anyway?

The financial burden of expanding Medicaid is a top concern of 14 attorneys general who recently filed a multistate lawsuit challenging the health care law Obama signed into law last month. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott received the most from health care groups, taking in more than $415,000 in his 2006 campaign.Jason Johnson, an Abbott campaign spokesman, said there’s no link between donations and official actions. Given the profits health companies will reap from the new law, “if anything, I would expect these individuals to demand their contributions be returned,” he said.

No, they won’t. But thanks for the peek behind the kabuki curtain anyway. Seems some of the GOP-ers are in on the secret.

Washington Express contains the revision of Virginia’s governor nostalgia for the good ol’ confederate days

Stars and Stripes has a close up of Kyrgystan upraising and Karzai vacillations

Rham Post, Obama Times and Murdoch’s Street all use the same photo from Kyrgystan and differ little otherwise


Obama Times

Murdoch’s Wall Street as states flogging “abortion” for election to Obama Times Cuomo campaign

Washington Times reports on the PR contest of fundraising for the two parties. key paragraph

Both parties apparently were struggling to score public relations points with the fundraising announcements, which were made nearly two weeks earlier than usual, when monthly reports to the Federal Election Commission are due. Neither party Wednesday released more detailed statements on the sources of the money, the number of donors or the size of the average donation.

It seems insurers and Pharma paid as promised

USA Today has more elections reports

.while in New York, the only non-Tiger news is about the lack of summer jobs for the young

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