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A few days ago I posted a group of photos that went viral – generated thousands of hits. I have been passing by the rat housing project daily but only now the credit was posted on the fence. So, I wanted to air this too, especially since its no less interesting than the rest

Also, a new house appeard – I’ll try to get a clearer photo when I can get closer (boxes blocked access today)

The writing says: HARD RAT CASE

.One of the former more interesting houses was re-positioned so I was able to take a better shot

But on a sad note, I have to report that the Capitol Hill rat house is gone.

Tabloids today are startling for what they avoid covering – see my previous post. on the wikileaks video of shooting civilians in Iraq

Beyond that, the news of the day is in Stars and Stripes with an effective (if involuntary) placement point: Obama pitches, Afghani women get it (“now watch this drive”)

.By chosing to not cover the news of the day, WaPo is nearly empty

and the same may be said of Obama Times

.but not about the Washington Times

.For the New York City stories I had to go to a dictionary. According to the Urban dictionary “wilding” is

a slang term that refers to the practice of marauding in bands to terrorize strangers and to swagger and bully

as released by Wikileaks.Β  This is NOT a video game although you might think so from the commentary of the “players”

More about that video from BBC

After a voice on the transmission urges the pilot to “light ’em all up”, the individuals on the street are shot by the gunship’s cannon.

A few minutes later a van drives to the scene, and its occupants appear to start picking up a wounded person.

It, too, is fired upon. Altogether, around 12 people die.

“Looks like we’ve got some slight movement from the van that was engaged. Looks like a kid.”

“Well it’s their fault for bringing their kids into a battle,” says a voice.

Two journalists working for Reuters were killed on the day the incident took place in July 2007.

At the time, the US military said the helicopters were engaged in combat operations against a hostile force.

And watch the B0bots making excuses

and blaming the dead journalists

Why were the Reuters journalists at that location if there was nothing shady going on?

and an FU from the war cheerleaders

To all of you calling U.S. soldiers murderers today.

Fuck you.

Not from the Apache crew in the video. From the hundreds of thousands that served and continue to serve. From my brother-in-law, a veteran of the USMC, from the eight classmates who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. (and the one who died in Iraq in 2006) From my friends John and O’Leary who served four tours between them.

You want to smear thousands of innocent men and women? Then fuck you.

In all fairness, the last two threads were eventually locked and there’s plenty of controversy.

Still, when I think back in 2003, the hawks were vastly outnumbered and way less aggressive there. A few of those apologized a few years after, some pretended they were always against the war.

But now…what a differenceΒ  a Nobel prize for peace makes!

To quote yesterday’s B0bot

It was easier when we were all opposed to the war and to expanded drilling, etc.

Yup. I guess turning from hating Bush to hating Hillary had to have some collateral effects on your souls.


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