Some in B0botland sound like they’ve had it .

I can’t support President Obama because

One minute I am metaphorically carrying my “No off-shore drilling” sign. In the next minute he announces a change in policy. Wham!

My sign doesn’t have a different message on the back. In addition, I am opposed to this policy change, and I would be even if my Mama suggested it.

The arguments for it are specious IMHO. For my stance I will be called retarded by some WH personage.

Even people on DU will attack. They have their arguments in support of it, but I don’t agree. Off with my head!

This looks like HCR redux.

I have decided that I have to make up my mind about my core beliefs that I won’t turn around on. I will not spin around like a top. If that makes me a bad Dem, then so be it. I didn’t expect every campaign promise to be fulfilled, but this is ridiculous.

I’m going to read “Alice In Wonderland.” The plot is easier to follow.

Of course, operatives quickly step in – but I am shocked at their humble tone

1. I know, I know, I know….but please! just vote Dem — won’t you please?

and it’s not quite working

122. No. I will vote Green from now on.

because some are really ticked off by this latest proof that they’ve been had

The timing of the announcement is a big Fuck You

130. Or FU retarded liberals

as if there could have been any good timing for it

and while some loyalists sternly reprimand the poster for deviation

Let me see if I understand your core beliefs

1. I am never wrong
2. I never change my mind
3. I never compromise
4. I hate Obama

Does that sum them up?

the unruliness continues to the point of making B0botland sound just like this blog

. Sometimes I have to wonder if he has any real convictions.

Is there anything he won’t backtrack on?
99. I’m sure he does

its just that we have no clue what they REALLY are.
100. He firmly believes that he should be the president.

106. to be fair, he did get that puppy

08. Point taken.

Forgot about the puppy.

169. But not from a shelter, as he originally indicated that he would

really; there appears to be NOTHING.

73. yes, he even managed to fuck that up

not getting a pound dog as he said on the campaign trail. :rofl:
Everything else, apparently, is negotiable.

Which explains “lower expecations” headlines like this one

Even if you’re not pro-Obama, you still need to vote Democratic this year

and even there some sanity creeps in

5. Sure, ya know, because people are already entitled to my vote

They don’t even have to earn it. I’m sure politicians will magically start legislating for those with old Democratic ideology once they automatically accumulate their votes in the next election.

In related news. here’s the sign on a Florida urologist office

“If you voted for Obama…seek urologic care elsewhere. Changes to your healthcare begin right now, not in four years.

A good reminder. And by the look of the polls attached to the story, his practice will flourish, not suffer as B0bots wish for..