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WaPo today writes about Karzai denouncing the foreign presence in his country. That makes us what again? Also, priests wondering whether to address their own sins in sermons and Obama pondering which states not to campaign in for November elections (called “No fly zones”)

Obama Times has an interesting Karzai photo instead of the story

The Washington Times has a story of the independents turning hope to anger – their former support for Obama went from 60 to 40s. And there’s more of us every day too. Also, it seems Florida shapes up to be one of those Obama “no fly zones”

USA today has a story about the buying of November elections by insurers (bottom page) (can’t have single payer in states, can we?)

and Florida Orlando Sentinel has this great story about an Orlando Usologist. This is the sign on his door:

“If you voted for Obama…seek urologic care elsewhere. Changes to your healthcare begin right now, not in four years.

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