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Today, walking in the Lower East Side I saw a bike on top of the curious underwater pile in this graffiti

No sooner did I ponder the significance of this, I saw on the same sidewalk a crochet covered bike

here’s another view

In NYC, locking your bike is bound to secure at least parts of it

Maybe the owner of that should get together with the owner of this

Not sure why I included this in the bikes collection.

It was in our community garden

and maybe it did remind me of this

Wapo has some war news, but it’s all cream puff in the center – I guess B0bots need something to take their Romneycare with

Washington Times has stories on the Sarkozy meeting and proposed sanctions to Iran and a better fluffy center – the cherry blossom season

There is no fluff in Obama Times. Off-shore drilling front and center. I can’t say it’s a broken promise as he went back and forth on it during the campaign.

Some fluff – or local stories in the NYC tabloids:

NY Met takes pride that NY is number one …in delayed flights. Yea us!

while the NY Post looks at the loss of a federal grant for schools by misspending state officials

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