As Chris Hedges well noticed a while ago, Barack Obama is a brand

Barack Obama is a brand. And the Obama brand is designed to make us feel good about our government while corporate overlords loot the Treasury, our elected officials continue to have their palms greased by armies of corporate lobbyists, our corporate media diverts us with gossip and trivia and our imperial wars expand in the Middle East. Brand Obama is about being happy consumers. We are entertained. We feel hopeful. We like our president. We believe he is like us. But like all branded products spun out from the manipulative world of corporate advertising, we are being duped into doing and supporting a lot of things that are not in our interest.

We have seen this being applied over and over since this was written.

And since we live in a world of brands, keeping names straight is important – especially in a fast changing branding society. I will attempt to keep an ongoing list here. Contributions welcome.

Clinching the nomination = being nominated in spite of failing to win the primaries

Health Reform – formerly known as Healthcare reform, health insurance reform, universal healthcare reform = Romneycare (bailout to the insurance companies)

Fixing Social Security = privatization

Being for Abortion rights = restricting freedom of choice

Abortion rights = what we decided women  want except we know it’s morally wrong

Remaking NCLB = privatization, union busting

Status Quo = entrenching W’s conscience rules and the Hyde limitations to women’s rights. A good thing when it comes to women inequality

Unprecedented = Republican (see Romneycare)

Peace = war (see Nobel peace prize unprecedented speech)

Speaking truth to power = propaganda

Postpartisan = Republican

Racism = any statement action perceived as critical of Obama, as well as being a woman

DADT = when  pigs fly

FOCA = not found

Single payer = reduced to public option/see I never campaigned on that/ not found

Goldman Sachs = Sugar Daddy – do not talk about them

Finance reform = painting the circus tent while the elephant dung piles up

Jane Crow – see Abortion rights, health reform

F*ing Retards = progressives

Ideology(lack thereof) – see postpartisan; principles, principles are for suckers

Pragmantist – Republican

Coming in office – we don’t want to talk about that unpleasantness called the primaries anymore

Working on democracyaiming to Kazakhstan’s standards

SCOTUS appointment – nothing to do with “abortion rights”(see above for definition of abortion rights)

Centrist – Republican

Racial gamesmanship – race-baiting