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I thought it was a good idea to give a prominent placement to the signing of the Jane Crow order. Especially as it was done stealthily, but an official photo-p was still available. And in light of the phenomenal chutzpa of statements like this one by the AP

The president supports abortion rights.

The entire illustration that had to be cropped out was this

My original banner

will eventually return, as the stealing of our votes was the crux of all that’s happening today (No one steals an election to do good)

But for now, as our voices are being silenced on this outrage from someone who campaigned on

“The first thing I’d do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice
Act. On this fundamental issue, I will not yield. And Planned
Parenthood will not yield.”

I feel that photo should be front and center. (I tried to post it on the side of the page, but it came up squeezed and unclear)

Jails seem to be a common page one subject today. Here’s the advice from The Examiner

LA Times follows the theme with a Jr.jr  piece over Obama’s backtracking on rights – with a new Guantanamo-like prison in Afghanistan

while Washington Post has a feature about Guantanamo

and the Daily News rounds it up with “jail cells” in playgrounds

In other news, we find out that HCR is now stalled in the Senate for Viagra (and inside that the bill is back in the house for “fixes”), and a nice Hillary pic with the Pakistani PM

In NY, Obama Times keeps up the drumbeat for privatizing Social Security

while the others are onto the impending cuts in the transit service

and NY Post


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