Now that women , single payer, all opposition from the left have been shoved under the carpet, the media is creating the illusion that the only people unhappy with this are the Republicans. It’s the Unity Pony all over again.

Here’s LA Times using dueling photos to create the illusion

.and here’s the in your face WaPo’s “November is now” theme of the next 9 months

From the other side, Washington Times adds insult to the injury: not only the segregation of women in this bill is ignored by all, but now, anti0choicers are “energized”

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Even Stars and Stripes – while reminding us there are still bloody wars going on, does some November commentary.

In NY, AM-Ny continues the “Right enraged/left happy” myth

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as the Daily News does more cheerleading

.but it’s the Obama Times that’s the scariest: now that they got away with mandate, time to privatize Social Security!

Me? I feel like back in 2000 when I was consumed with rage over the stolen election, yet by the media, you’d think only blacks noticed or cared. Any other protests were carefully kept out of the public knowledge.