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Now that Kuchinich has been so effective in bringing the unity pony to trample over the left, the talking points for November are being unveiled:

This was a Right wing idea all along!

The curious triumph of RomneyCare

And I won’t argue with this truth much, but as a strategy it forgets how much GOP/everyone hates Romneycare (Scott Brown anyone?)

Here was the Right wing idea

right-wing policy analysts proposed an individual mandate to purchase health coverage as a respectable, market-oriented, responsibility-based alternative to either government-provided health care (the nanny state) or mandated employer-provided health care (the boss state).

Per David Frum

It builds on ideas developed at the Heritage Foundation in the early 1990s that formed the basis for Republican counter-proposals to ClintonCare in 1993-1994.”

It would make sense Obama used their  Harry and Louise commercials too

Here it is, a more recent version, on the Heritage Foundation page

policymakers should:

Step #1: Rapidly expand private health coverage to include the uninsured.
Thus, the most effective way to reduce inappropriate ED utilization is to institute sound “premium support” programs that would enable Medicaid patients to purchase quality private health insurance coverage with better access to care. The right policy is to integrate the working uninsured population and non-disabled Medicaid and SCHIP beneficiaries into a reformed private health insurance market.

In fact, as I now discovered, Obama bragged at a GOP retreat that

The component parts of this thing are pretty similar to what Howard Baker, Bob Dole, and Tom Daschle proposed at the beginning of this debate last year.

And then Brad de Long reveals

So why are none of the talking heads on your TV screen and none of the op-ed writers in your newspaper talking about how this health plan is a big victory for Mitt Romney and Republican policy analysts? Because there has been a conspiracy of silence among those working for the bill and those working against it.

True, Brad. But why didn’t you expose it when it mattered?

I mean, had more people been aware, this would have been the peek ahead in time to the upcoming failure.

But , I agree – GOP wanted this thing passed as much as the Dems, they just want to score political points from opposing it.

To make this even more fun, David Frum is quoted on the resemblance and the best part are the small objections GOP might have to the differences:

1.    it allows illegal aliens to buy health insurance with their own money;

2.    the progressive taxes imposed to finance it will only become larger and more progressive as time passes;

3.    a public option may be added to the bill at some point;  (yeah, right, when pigs will fly)

4.    it imposes too many costs on small businesses;

5.  it doesn’t impose enough cost controls;

6.    it expands the dysfunctional program that is Medicaid.

It’s interesting, because 5 would be a bipartisan objection, I am sure. But insurers needed a new pair of shoes.

How do I know this was a talking point just waiting to get out? Because this weekend, one of the operatives in B0botland was  whining about pundits on TV saying

Very disappointed in Lawrence O’Donnell tonight…. he’s generally great….

But we’re basically passing the same law they have in Massachusetts… It’s not the onerous thing he describes.

I’m wondering if he’s jealous that Obama is accomplishing what his old boss couldn’t.

As for the little dose of CDS that runs through this, here’s an interesting tidbit

22. Uh – Lawrence O’Donnell hates Bill Clinton.

Calls him “that fat fuck.” He used to work for Moynihan, not Clinton, and Moynihan had a lot to do with killing the Clinton healthcare bill.

To which B0bot wonders:

8. Really? I didn’t know that. Wonder why Moynihan disliked the bill so much.

I was only 17 in 1993 so I have vague memories from then, I had just started paying some attention to politics.

The “jealousy motif goes on so he tries again

26. People, PEOPLE. O’Donnell hates Clinton.

And he didn’t work for Clinton. He worked for Pat Moynihan, who also hated Clinton. Moynihan helped deep-six the Clinton bill. Whatever problem he has with this bill, it has nothing to do with being “jealous” on Clinton’s behalf.

(Not just talking through my hat here. I know what he thinks of Bill Clinton.)

It shocked me – up to that point I only knew about the gold, silver bronze plans being lifted wholesale from Romneycare. And the Massachusetts voters’s mood clued me a bit. But David Frum was W’s TOTUS, the axis of evil guy. If he says it, it must be so. Funny that he didn’t come up with it earlier though.

I guess there’s big money for all in this – from Brad, to David to the rest of propagandists.

Meanwhile, TPM takes a pathetic consolation in this farce: it complicates Romney’s run for POTUS. See it was all worth it!

Well, I got one for you: If Obama merely extended Romneycare nationally, his claims of “historical” and unprecedented are a bit exaggerated, non?

But B0bots, you were had royally!

Brad de Long has the alternative universe story

Over in that alternative branch of the quantum-mechanical multiverse in which Mitt Romney was elected President in November 2008, this health care bill–with much smaller subsidies and no tax increases on the rich, and with other tweaks and modifications–passed the House of Representatives 352-83 and passed the Senate 79-20, with near-solid Republican support. Left-wing Democrats whined that it was not real reform. The David Broders and David Brookses of the world trumpeted it as an extraordinary victory for American bipartisanship.

and thinks it’s weitd. I think the name is corruption.

but I can illustrate it with what actually happened


Found the article that proves GOP secretly wanted this passed

McConnell accepted an agreement brilliantly designed by Reid that required 60 votes to pass an amendment. McConnell did that without anyone noticing anything odd after a year of saturation coverage of the importance of 60 votes in the Senate.

This time, Republicans tried to look obstructionist. To the media, the Tea Partiers, and Sarah Palin, it sure looked like Republicans were pulling out all the stops — forcing a reading of the bill, forcing a frail elderly senator to vote in the middle of the night. But the Republicans only offered four substantive amendments along with five hopeless motions to send the bill back to the Finance Committee. One Republican amendment actually got 51 votes, but didn’t pass because McConnell’s 60-vote agreement with Reid sabotaged it

Update 3.24

Confirmation came soon under this headline

NRSC’s Cornyn: We Won’t Call For Repealing All Of Health Care

brief chat with the Huffington Post on Tuesday, National Republican Senatorial Committee chair John Cornyn (R-Tex.) implicitly acknowledged that Republicans are content with allowing some elements of Obama’s reform into law. And they’d generally ignore those elements when taking the fight to their Democrat opponents as November approaches.

Now that women , single payer, all opposition from the left have been shoved under the carpet, the media is creating the illusion that the only people unhappy with this are the Republicans. It’s the Unity Pony all over again.

Here’s LA Times using dueling photos to create the illusion

.and here’s the in your face WaPo’s “November is now” theme of the next 9 months

From the other side, Washington Times adds insult to the injury: not only the segregation of women in this bill is ignored by all, but now, anti0choicers are “energized”

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Even Stars and Stripes – while reminding us there are still bloody wars going on, does some November commentary.

In NY, AM-Ny continues the “Right enraged/left happy” myth

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as the Daily News does more cheerleading

.but it’s the Obama Times that’s the scariest: now that they got away with mandate, time to privatize Social Security!

Me? I feel like back in 2000 when I was consumed with rage over the stolen election, yet by the media, you’d think only blacks noticed or cared. Any other protests were carefully kept out of the public knowledge.

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