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Apparently some were worried angry feminazis armed with knives will go after Obma’s surrogate discriminator. So the good news was brought to them by an operative (they are feeling quite cocky today)

For those who were worried about the welfare of Rep. Stupak after his actions tonight…

For those who were worried about the welfare of Rep. Stupak after his actions tonight…

…. dont …. he’s at a local bar celebrating with Reps Larson, Grijalva, Boccieri and others.

(not posting the link because it tells which bar he’s at)

Enjoy! You all earned it!

How thoughtful! I don’t remember any worries being assuaged re: Kuhinich. But thank Gods, they are celebrating, penises intact and proud!

And while no one there noticed yet Obama’s new conscience rules, the hats off to Stupak are occasionally interrupted by rude

6. Fuck him and fuck his fucking EO.

although most B0bots are loving him now

5. I really don’t begrudge people their feelings on abortion

I mean, I think he’s grossly wrong, but you can’t argue with a religious conviction. It just doesn’t work.

I do kinda with more “pro life” people would be pro-life in all aspects of their politics…death penalty, that kind of thing.

I guess Penis Americans must come together in their hatred of women, religion or no religion.


And now we get the clearer reason for the sympathy

As distasteful as it may be, we have to back up Stupak and others who came around…

the new talking points:

It’s no secret here that I don’t like Dennis Kucinich… I think he’s a grandstander who’s more interested in portraying himself as politically pure than in getting things done.

But he came around on the HCR bill, so he has earned my support.

I’m pro-choice and consider people like Stupak to be disingenuous assholes who have no right to legislate what women can or cannot do with their reproductive systems….

But he came around on the HCR bill, so if we abandon him in 2010 we’ll never get support from the middle again on any other issue.

See? It’s all about “getting support from the middle class”. ya know, that mandate paying, half women middle class.

And here’s how we love Stupak

. When someone yelled Babykiller at Stupak,

my heart softened just a bit for Stupak

and, after all, it’s not his fault, it’s his district

22. If you knew anything about the district Stupak

represents, you would know that it’s quite a feat to have a Democratic representative. Stupacs votes have been good votes, other than his anti abortion stance. I guarantee if it wasn’t for Stupak’s ability to juggle both the left and right side of his constituents,his district would go to the republicans.

with the occasional ray of sanity

25. This is much like supporting your abuser.

They often send flowers after they abuse.

But in the end, these talking points only confirm my suspicion that the entire opposition/reconciliation was purely for show, to provide political cover for Obama to do what he really wanted…


This is the part where the media tells us what’s good for us and how happy we should be. Not unlike Obama’s campaign, election and the aftermath, but a bit more enthusiastic – cuz the money is flowing from you to their business and no one cares over half of the population has been cast in even harsher servitude than the rest

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