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ht The Confluence, I did my blog’s word cloud. I find it representative

Washington Express has an interesting cover on the Middle East stand-off

While the ExaminerΒ  tells us their state employees have their Viagra covered

In other healthcare news, GOP reacts to the “deem and pass” scheme which they had also used

and Washington Times reports Marcy Captur called Obama’s team out of touch over their cavalier attitude about the unemployment

News from Afghanistan in Stars and Stripes

and a strangely familiar headline in LA Times: “HEALTH VOTE MAY AVOID A ROLL CALL” Now who else was voted in without a roll call?

.In Massachusetts a Healthcare debate hits the truth – maybe not on cost but on the repeat thinghy: “CANDIDATE SAYS IT’S BANKRUPTING STATE. CALLS NATIONAL CARE REPEAT OF A MISTAKE” Indeed, few can argue Obama’s bill is much different than Romney’s – hence the electoral surprise last December.

In New York, Obama Times deals with the ME and privacy on line and only a tiny subtitle on the bottom page announces a possible “voterless vote”

As for the rest, with Paterson off limits, it;s back to Tiger Woods. And the free papers are excited about an upcoming restaurant rating for cleanliness.

It will be letters, see?

.Enough to keep me eating home

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