It looks like HCR may pass the way Obama was nominated – without a vote – TPTB just assume a vote was taken after a tortuous “clinching” on the “close enough” theory. The bill is so good for you, Reps need political protection from that vote

it would politically protect lawmakers who are reluctant to publicly support the measure.

“It’s more insider and process-oriented than most people want to know,”

Indeed, the 2008 convention roll call comes to mind.

Obama wins make-believe Democratic party vote designed to be won by Obama

Washington Times reminds us of the so-called financial rrform and Edwards hasn’t been in the news for a while

in NY Metro reminds us of another wife beater who is still in office (state Senate) – I don’t remember tabloids making a show of outrage over Montsserate

Obama Times reveals how Medicaid is falling apart – and that’s before Obama’s HCR will add new people to it

(I found out Medicaid is 67% privatized these days – hence the choice for the Bill)

And the Daily News is shocked – I tells you- at the number of subway fare beaters – you know, the ones who enter like Obama was nominated or HCR is supposed to pass

Don’t worry, Daily News. The transit Authority raised the fares when it had a surplus, it wouldn’t have stopped cuts had it had the fare money