WaPo is in full cheerleading mode today – on the HCR as well as unveiling the election strategy to get back the base: campaign against SCOTUS:

Washington Time is the mirror of that, revealing the GOP strategy on HCR and earmarks (pork)

The LA Times is revealing that Obama is slow to appoint judges

In New York, Paterson had to be replaced by the big rainstorm this weekend.

It’s got a photo in Obama Times and and made 2 more covers

But in all fairness we get a piece on private contractors conducting our wars too

It is generally considered illegal for the military to hire contractors to act as covert spies. Officials said Mr. Furlong’s secret network might have been improperly financed by diverting money from a program designed to merely gather information about the region

Here’s The Daily News dropping the dime on Mother Nature

And the Newsday too

.while the free papers stay more relevant.

AMNY has a piece on subway security (or lack thereof)

and Metro on an impending doormen and supers strike