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Having taking active part in the splitting of the party during the CEO engineered primary, Moveon has been for the most part quiet about all the turns to the right for the administration they helped.

Now however, they go to the next step: protesting a progressive Rep for not submitting to Obama’s corporate interests

Yesterday,‘s Cleveland Council and the Universal Health Care Action Network announced its members will hold a demonstration on Tuesday afternoon outside Kucinich’s Lakewood office, the day after President Obama visits a Strongsville recreation center in Kucinich’s district to restate his case for health care reform.

How dare Kuchinich hold out for singe payer?

In Bobotland there is some dissatisfaction. Here’s the headline

MoveON has received it’s marching orders . (and they can kiss my behind)

We hear from ex-members some just like me

When they endorsed Obama for President during the primaries, I moved on and dropped my membership. I would have dropped my membership if they had supported Clinton or Edwards as well. Let the party endorse. Let newspapers endorse, women’s groups, labor groups, and others. MoveOn’s hands were tied by an endorsement. It hampered their abilities to get our issues out in front. Clearly, none of our candidates were that far left of center, based on their statements and records. It was up to MoveOn to push our candidates to the left, not to spend time defending them when they took the side of corporations or other big money interests. Let them endorse the nominee AFTER the convention, as long as they still hold him accountable! MoveOn was supposed to be a watchdog for the people!

some also of the same mind as me

Me too. I hosted several “Bake Back the Whitehouse” fundraisers at my business

and raised over $1,300 for them, but this is going too far. We stopped donating to them when they failed to act on the election fraud in Ohio.

And we hear a kick-ass indictment of their hypocrisy

5. have they marched at Stupacks offices or at any of the bluedog

offices? yelled about taking single payer or public option off the table?

just wonderin.

and we hear from the operatives too

0. Go Move On! Fight for the American People!

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22. For the American People?
Well, I suppose there are some American people being employed by Health Insurance companies. Probably more than a couple American lobbyists who benefit too.

Someone linked to a good piece on them  from last year that explains the twist

Rahm Emanuel’s Think Tankers Enforce ‘Message Discipline’ Among ‘Liberals’

What is clear here is that CAP and MoveOn are now basically psuedo-official PR flaks targeting “liberals” to support the White House agenda.

Not unlike NARAL and Planned Parenthood which sold out women and are still doing it..


Ironically, in an article about money in politics Obama Times mentions Moveon as having one of their famously crooked votes, the liberal advocacy group, took a vote of its membership last week and found that 83 percent said the House should pass the Senate bill. Not long ago, the group was urging Democrats to push for a stronger measure that included a public option.

Geez, I wonder what changed.

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As a parent, the state of education is one of my major concerns.

In 2003 I supported Wesley Clark because he said NCLB was a hand grenade tossed at public education.

During the 2008 primaries, when it became clear that I had to chose between 2 apparently similar candidates (or so they kept telling me) – it was the attitude towards NCLB (as well as towards Reagan) that made me chose Hillary. She wanted to end it while Obama wanted to vaguely change it (no one knew in what direction). We now are finding out. Obama medi is hailing it as “keeping a campaign promise”

Now B0bots who thought he’d make W’s bill more education friendly have to read this from Bush’s Education secretary

Former education secretary Margaret Spellings, Duncan’s predecessor, praised what she called “a more nuanced approach” to accountability. But she criticized Obama’s proposal to drop a requirement that students in certain schools that repeatedly fall short be offered tutoring and transfers.

Those mandates, she said, have helped hundreds of thousands of children. Preserving school choice, she said, “will be a rallying cry and unifier for Republicans.”

And another clue: It’s Newt Gingrich promoting this, next to the always trustworthy Al Sharpton.

The essence of what its going on here is captured in this opinion

“I worry about retreating from the notion of quality education as a civil right,” Mr. Edley said. “N.C.L.B. had some good sticks in it to compel equity. I’m alarmed by the frequent references to ‘incentives,’ and the apparent intention to reduce the federal role in forcing compliance.”

Yes, Obama is prepared to do for education what he’s been doing for healthcare – transform it into a commodity with us as consumers – preferably captive ones.

That is however as far as MSM is willing to enlighten us. Here it is, Kate Randall:

The unstated agenda behind these moves is nothing less than the dismantling of the public school system as it has been known in the US. It is to be replaced by a largely privatized system more directly based on social class and geared more closely to the profit interests of big business.

We are told that even before this NCLB was announced, the changes were set in effect in the universally praised budget

Obama’s budget for 2011 contains sweeping changes in funding for primary and secondary education, radically altering the guidelines for the distribution of federal funds to schools with high concentrations of low-income students. A significant proportion of so-called Title I funds would be distributed to poorer districts—not on the basis of economic need, but according to their “performance.”

So, from Black Agenda report, a glimpse of the real goal

Obama’s plans for America’s classrooms are even more aggressive than George Bush’s policies. Obama takes Bush’s No Child Left Behind scheme to its logical, blood on the floor conclusion: corporate education without the encumbrances of organized teachers. Obama’s anti-union vision is more ambitious than that of the old arch-reactionary, Ronald Reagan, who destroyed a union of only 13,000 members.

They are also noting how the teachers’ union is betraying its members (and all of us)

The American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association have combined memberships of over 4 million. They have the capacity to fight back, to make this president back off. But, like so many others who drank the Obama Kool Aid, they are in denial, refusing to believe that they backed a union-buster who is making teachers the scapegoat for America’s historical failure to serve the educational needs of all its children.

Kate Randall again on the big hoax

A Democratic administration that came to power by appealing—cynically and dishonestly—to popular hostility to war and the Bush administration’s pro-business policies, has become the vehicle for carrying out the type of radical assault on public education that had long been advocated by the Republican right.

and the B0bots role in it

Obama’s African-American background was utilized to mask his right-wing policies, lulling working class and young voters into believing he would be more sympathetic to their needs. In this mass deception, the liberal and phony “left” advocates of identity politics played a critical role.

Congratulation B0bots! You done us in!

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Did you set your clocks forward?

Remember how Hillary wanted to throw away NCLB while Obama just wanted to modify it? Lo and behold, the NCLB remake privatization is upon us. Good choice, B0bots! Always when reading “accountability” remember Rode Island.  Here’s WaPo

and Obama Times – with that special Axelrod take (as opposed to Rahms)

From Stars and Stripes we find out our soldiers contracted malaria in Haiti and Taliban is resurging

Also, the recent veterans come home to unemployment

The Daily News reveals how terrible the settlement is for 9.11 responders

their headline

Shame on pols for letting 9/11 compensation fund expire – it’s time to treat victims fairly

.While NY Post delights in the latest domestic terrorist


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