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I just liked the page one of the Examiner, even though it really is about a little relevant local issue

Washington Post is heralding the next crisis brought upon by a new wave of foreclosures

.Washingtom Times has the ultimate Jr.jr article: fromΒ  international Human rights groups

f Amnesty International USA. “Change will require more than just rhetoric. Reports’ findings should be formally integrated into decision-making processes that incorporate respect for human rights as a criterion.”Mr. Cox also noted the Obama White House’s continuity with Bush-era anti-terrorism policies and reluctance to prosecute Bush-era officials, and he said they undermined the State Department report and other U.S. critics of human rights abuses.

In NY, now that there’s nothing to the big Governor investigation, Cuomo is washing his hands of it, handing it to an obscure ex-judge.

The real reason? WSJ has it

Since taking on the investigations of Mr. Paterson, the state’s first African-American governor, Mr. Cuomo has seen a slip in his popularity, particularly among minority voters.

A poll released on Tuesday found that Mr. Cuomo’s approval rating among New York voters had dropped 13 percentage points to 54% in a week.

Mr. Cuomo, a Democrat, suffered a decline of 22 points among nonwhite voters in New York, according to the Marist Poll.

From the Obama Times article we find out that Cuomo didn’t even get around to interview Paterson just yet

Asked why the governor had not yet been interviewed, Mr. Cuomo said, β€œThere’s a sequence to the witnesses, and the witnesses who are going to be most directly involved in the charges normally come at the end of that sequence.”

(and the part in the sequence they were all counting on was Paterson resigning)

Also big news, the 9.11 settlement for health problems of the 9.11 responders

AM NY is showing us all those who added glamor to pot and made it acceptable – I guess no one can take that accomplishment from Obama: he succeeded where Cheech and Chong failed (or did they?)

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