A lot has been made out of the fact that B0bots will be rallied at last minute by pointing at the other guys: “so where are you going to go?”

In fact, back in December we heard from “a staffer” who said

“This is not a time to worry about the base; we’ll have all of the election year to do that,” said the Democratic source. “We’ll have a long list of accomplishments to present for them to rally around.”

In their defense, this was uttered…weeks before the wake-up call from Massachussetts (although after the ones from New Jersey and Va)

Last month, observing B0botland, I noticed

B0bots not getting fired up anymore

(and that was an undersatement)

Finally, it got obvious enough that even Huffpo got a piece entitled

From “Fired Up and Ready to Go” to “Tired Out and Staying Home”

.The Obama White House reportedly has 13 million supporters on a vast email list. But those emails won’t mean much if you turn on the TV and see Obama campaigning for Blanche Lincoln. The anger among voters is palpable out there. Much of it is neither “left” nor “right.” At this point, the Democrats have not only failed to tap into this anger, as the party in power, they’re rapidly becoming the focus of it.

The article contains a partial list of good reasons. Predictably, women were left out – FOCA, Nelson, choice= moral issue – all left out – on this secret Woman’s Day.

But any one of the reasons listed  would be reason enough for an electorate which is not on koolaid IV anymore. (and chances are, now that Wall Street turning to the other side, no more moola + media for koolaid).

And in B0botland there’s almost unanimous agreement with the sentiment.