DC examiner has an interesting cover

if confused I offer the article’s headline

Bringing home six figures but struggling

Stars and Stripes tells us – again- of the Iraq election and how US is happy to stay out of it. Why do I have the feeling I’ve seen that headline all week long?
.In New York it’s kill the guv as usual. But Obama Times also reveals that while WaPo’s source is Rahm Emanuel, theirs is David Axelrod
It figures if you read from the article
something of a swooning loyalist. “I’ve heard him be called a ‘Moonie,’ ” dismissed Mr. Axelrod’s close friend, former Commerce Secretary William Daley. Or as the White House press secretary, Robert Gibbs, joked, “the guy who walks in front of the president with rose petals.”
Yup. Pretty much how Obama Times coverge can be summed up.
The other tabloids are bringing us fresh gossip from the governor’s former employees (it’s safe now!)
Daily News
New York Post
I wonder if the publishers noticed that the papers with these kind of covers tend not to sell anymore. Or even care.