When Obama finally came out with ‘his own bill”, they were careful to not touch any of the Nelson anti-choice provisions in the Senate bill – in spite of those having been the price for getting 60 votes – unneeded now. As per NOW statement

The worst feature of the president’s proposal — a real poison pill as far as NOW is concerned — is retention of the Senate bill’s Reid-Nelson anti-abortion language.

Since about one-third of women in this country have abortions, and nearly 90 percent of private health plans currently cover abortion procedures, the President’s plan, like the Senate’s, would deprive millions of women of insurance coverage they currently have.

That didn’t stop Stupak to posture for his language.

And her comes Obama Times’s editorial – advocating not for women, but for Obama’s bill

The issue of abortion coverage can’t be addressed in a reconciliation bill that must deal only with budgetary matters. The Senate bill already has onerous provisions that would likely discourage insurers on new exchanges from offering policies that cover abortions. The House bill is even more restrictive. Both are outrageous intrusions on a woman’s right to make health care decisions.

blah, blah choice rights but now Obama Times asks nicely :

House Democrats who say they cannot accept the Senate’s abortion provisions must ask themselves a fundamental question: Are they willing to scuttle their party’s signature domestic issue and a reform that this country desperately needs, rather than accept the almost-as-tough language of the Senate bill?

Come on, guys! It’s pretty anti-choice! Buy it, please!

And it’s in this context and from koolaid guzzlers in B0botland that I find out that there exists a pro-choice caucus in the House. Where were these people until now? Now they come out gloating that Stupak doesn’t have enough votes to kill the bill

Rep. Diana DeGette (D-Colo.), the co-chairwoman of the abortion-rights-supporting caucus, predicted that abortion would not prove to be a sticking point among Democrats that brings down health reform efforts.

“I don’t think Congressman Stupak has the votes to kill healthcare legislation over his language not being in there,” DeGette told The Hill.

But just to make sure, Stupak is finally subjected to some scrutiny in the media – Obama station Rachel Maddow looks into his corruption.

Considering he had his amendment since last July, WTF took you so long? yeah, I know, it wasn’t serving Obama so far.

Almost forgot: happy Women History months ladies! (somehow I can’t think of it without Penn Gillete’s vile remark from 2008 anymore)

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