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Something happy for a change – in DC

Even WaPo covers it and look! They photographed the same couple as the Express

and, being WaPo, a fluff piece on Obama (stay calm)

Washington Times (yes, it earned its name) has an interesting piece about the media giving Obama a blank check on Iraq

The White House press corps hasn’t asked Mr. Obama about the Iraq war in months. The president was last asked about the conflict on Dec. 7, during an Oval Office press availability with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. But the question came from a Turkish reporter – after an Associated Press reporter asked about the economy.

In fact, the last time a White House reporter asked about the Iraq war was June 26,

InΒ  NY the tabloids follow Obama Times in their quest of making Paterson pay for standing up to Obama

Daily News

New York Post



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