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B0bots have their big Duh moment – made painfully clear by the reaction to the firing of 93 teachers in a poor school in Rhode Island

Obama’s Ronald Reagan Moment

a discussion started by one of the clear-minded ones offered me an I told you so (literally) moment –

You nailed it. When Obama praised Reagan, we all hoped he was just bullshitting.

The fact that he turned out to be serious is going to have disastrous consequences for this country.


14. When Obama praised Reagan, we all hoped he was just bullshitting.

I think many of us believed he meant he wanted to create a liberal version of the “Reagan Revolution” that would secure the Democratic party in power for a generation just like Reagan ended up securing his party in power for a generation.

We didnt think he meant literally copying the worst economic and social policies Reagan was responsible for.

of course, some of the blindness was caused by CDS – that made it OK to praise Raygun

7. Actually, I interpreted it as him slamming Clinton

I took it to mean “Reagan changed the course of this country in ways that the next president from a different party did not.” I didn’t put much thought into it, because I thought it was just another instance of primary candidates invoking other pols to make a point about themselves, like when Hillary said the thing about MLK needing LBJ to actually get anything done.

What I didn’t count on was what you said.

Finally someone remembers

23. Not “all” of us. Those who pointed at the red flag caught hell on DU, too.

The “I told you so” moment was so compelling, I actually posted there  – fist time in two years.

At the time I had a thread in “Best ten” about it. I see now it had been removed by B0bot Power. Fortunately my post is still in my diary made at a time when I didn’t even decide on which candidate I’d support (it was still Gravel for me) So this is the quote I posted there

So, to have now one of OUR candidates – whom some of us deemed fairly progressive – embrace those memes (“welfare state” “personal responsibilities” “failed liberals” – which Bush uses too, BTW) – feels like a knife in the back. I feel betrayed and saddened that there are DU-ers that don’t get it.

which led to more reminiscing

42. Yup.

Remember when all feminists were automatically white racists? Fun times, that.

The one discussion still there is the one where I declare my support for Hillary – based in part on the Reagan worship. I have one response to that aspect

54. People were morally dead during the Reagan era

and Obama wasn’t quite an adult when it began. I can’t really judge a candidate by their supporters, although Dean supporters seem to hang on forever (even now)

Somehow, B0bot missed the point that this was not about Reaganbots, but Reagan himself..

Page ones site was late today, so I start with the newsstand image on this dreary day

DC Express gets a cute cover out of the new mail cuts (no Saturdays)

Moonie Times continues to impress me as DC’s better paper: today they follow on that gun rights case based on the 14th amendment

If the trend continues, I’ll start using their actual name

WaPo tells us more bi-partisanship (or is it post-partisanship?) stories on HCR

To bad for Paterson he is not GOP! If he were, he would be coddled by Obama&media for bipartisanship sake. As he isn’t, the drumbeat to oust him goes on

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